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Providing Experienced Commercial Construction Representation

Silverberg P.C. strives to provide high-quality legal representation in every commercial matter. We provide businesses with legal options and strategic means for resolving commercial disputes. It is our goal to resolve every matter efficiently and effectively.

Our knowledge of the commercial litigation process and experience in trying commercial litigation cases allow for you to save time and money by having your case handled in a competent and professional manner. We understand your business, we will understand your business goals, and we work toward creating value for you by quickly settling business disputes.

Advocacy In And Out Of The Courtroom

As a lawyer representing businesses and construction companies throughout New York City, Mr. Silverberg seeks to maximize your legal position, whether through negotiation or when trying your case in court. He has both extensive trial and appellate experience. Also, his skills in the courtroom place you in a better position to maximize your recovery through negotiation.

Read more about how we can help you with a wide-variety of construction-related claims.

Empowering Clients To Make Wise Business Decisions

When Silverberg P.C. represents businesses and individuals in these commercial litigation matters, we provide more than standard legal services. Founding attorney Karl Silverberg works with his clients to understand the facts and the law. We take the time to explain how the process works and to make it understandable for you.

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We will be there from the moment you first become aware of a claim until the matter is totally resolved. Mr. Silverberg is available to discuss your litigation needs at any time. Contact our Long Island law firm by calling 631-778-6077, or send our office an email.

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