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We Provide Comprehensive Legal Guidance So Your Business Endeavor Can Flourish

Silverberg P.C. provides the highest degree of legal representation to the construction industry. We work closely with clients through every step of negotiation, arbitration or litigation. With knowledgeable, comprehensive legal analysis, Silverberg P.C. allows its clients to make informed business decisions.

The firm handles cases in state court, federal court, bankruptcy court, administrative tribunals and in arbitration involving:

Founding attorney Karl Silverberg created Karl Silverberg with the goal of helping clients in the construction industry flourish. Before founding the law firm, Mr. Silverberg spent nearly a decade as a licensed civil engineer. His rare combination of engineering knowledge and legal experience grants Silverberg P.C. unique insight regarding the science behind construction.

Resolving Litigation And Disputes Within The Construction Trade

Clients come to Silverberg P.C. when disputes arise. When voluntary negotiation cannot resolve commercial and business disputes, the next step is often litigation. Silverberg P.C. assists in resolving disputes as favorably and efficiently as possible for the client.

The firm often resolves cases early in the process, though some inevitably proceed to court. The client always makes the decision to settle or keep fighting. Mr. Silverberg's goal is to provide the most accurate cost-benefit analysis possible so the client can make informed business decisions.

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Silverberg P.C. provides legal services for the construction industry in the New York City and Long Island regions. Mr. Silverberg is prepared to evaluate your case and provide skilled legal counsel. Call 631-778-6077 at any time 24 hours a day and seven days a week or use the email contact form to arrange a consultation.

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