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Providing Guidance Regarding Labor Law And Union Issues

The ability of unions to hamper business and cause delays can result in great financial hardship for your company. You need an experienced business attorney who can resolve such disputes quickly and effectively. Such an advocate also needs to provide the type of advice and guidance that prevent mistakes when drafting and negotiating collective bargaining agreements.

Silverberg P.C. protects business interests during labor and union disputes. From our Long Island office, we regularly provide legal services for construction companies, businesses and contractors throughout New York. We can help you save on expense and make your business more profitable by resolving disputes with labor unions.

The services we provide regarding labor law and union issues include:

  • Providing guidance on labor-management issues
  • Representing management and businesses in union negotiations
  • Representing parties during arbitration and mediation hearings
  • Advising businesses during union picketing and organizing efforts
  • Negotiating and drafting collective bargaining agreements
  • Advising clients in disputes with unions regarding compliance with the terms of collective bargaining agreements and project labor agreements
  • Responding to allegations of unfair labor practices

Whatever the service, we will strive toward doing that which is in the best interest of your business.

Are You The Target Of Union Picketing And Organizing Efforts?

Silverberg P.C. provides advice and guidance for clients who are the targets of a union's picketing and organizing efforts. We understand that unions sometimes conduct improper secondary picketing. For example, a union is not entitled to picket a third party with the purpose of creating economic pressure on the nonunion employer. Because of such practices, we represent those who suffer damages from improper secondary picketing and help such companies seek damages against the union.

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