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3 things to consider when a customer complains

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2022 | Construction Litigation

One thing that most construction companies have to deal with is trying to ensure that clients are happy with the finished project. This isn’t always as easy as it might seem. 

It’s best to have a plan for handling customer complaints before you get the first one. Even if you’ve handled issues in the past, writing out a plan may help you to keep the process of addressing the complaint and coming up with a solution a bit less stressful.

1. Listen to the underlying complaint

You should always be sure you’re actively listening to the complaint. Sometimes, there are instances in which the client might be stating things incorrectly or describing something in a way that doesn’t make sense. You may have to visit the job site to see what’s happening. In some cases, the issue might not even be something you did.

2. Offer realistic solutions

If you can correct the issue, let the client know what’s possible. Be realistic about what you can do and give them options if there are any. Clients usually want the finished project to be exactly like their vision or at least close to it. 

3. Keep litigation in mind

Never say anything that might be used against you if the case goes to arbitration or court. It’s best to be truthful but be careful of how you word things. If you aren’t sure, you should speak to someone familiar with the matter so they can assist you with this part of addressing the customer’s complaint.

While you should be able to address most issues with your clients, some may insist on taking legal action against your company. Having someone on your side who can help you to learn the options that are available may be beneficial. Ultimately, you have to do what you can to protect the business.