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3 more ways for contractors to vet their subcontractors

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2022 | Construction Claims

We have addressed the importance of vetting your construction associates before entering into a contract or formal agreement. Since disputes with subcontractors often lead to construction litigation, proper vetting can help you avoid such problems.

You may already know how critical it is to interview your subcontractor candidates thoroughly, but there are other ways to vet them. The more you do ahead of signing agreements with construction associates, the more overall protection (from costly disputes) you will have.

1. Verify subcontractor licensing

Working with only licensed, insured and bonded subcontractors is an excellent way to reduce defects that could result in construction litigation. In New York, you can refer to online government resources to verify subcontractor licenses.

2. Check subcontractor references

When interviewing subcontractors, ask them for references from customers and other contractors. It is an effective way to discover whether a potential associate has what it takes to complete a project to your standards. Often, this step alone can save you from disputes and litigation.

3. Investigate subcontractor safety

Admittedly, it can be challenging to uncover the safety history of various subcontractors, but it is worth the effort. Lack of attention to safety could result in injuries to workers or even civilian passersby. It serves your best interests to minimize your financial and legal liability for worksite injuries.

As you can see, you have many options for checking out the background of your construction associates. The more you practice your vetting procedures, the easier it will become to weed out the subcontractors that increase your liability.

Staying current with the construction-related laws that guide and govern New York contractors is also an effective way to avoid legal problems.