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What to do when a subcontractor fails their end of the contract

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Construction Disputes

Your company may take on remodeling work or new constructions that require a unique skill your company isn’t equipped with. Companies make use of subcontractors to make up for a specific skill that may be lacking from their staff. 

Subcontractors are hired to attend to specific tasks or services that are unique to their expertise. You may have a subcontractor come in to do general work like plumbing, roofing or carpeting. You may even have a subcontractor hired specifically to build a webpage for your company.

How things can go wrong with a subcontractor

Subcontractors may advertise a form of expertise that your current staff isn’t equipped to handle, but that doesn’t make the subcontractor better than your employees. You may have hired a subcontractor who doesn’t value the time and effort needed to do their job. An unprofessional subcontractor can delay the deadline of their obligations causing future projects to be put on hold.

So what do you do when a subcontractor doesn’t finish their work?

Discuss the delays in a subcontractors job

The subcontractor you hired may have become confused about the role of their job. They may be going through issues in their personal life. They may be having difficulties with their staff not completing work. They may feel the work they were contracted for is not in their field of knowledge. 

Talking to your subcontractor may clear up any confusion that’s causing delays. However, if your effort to resolve things through communication fails, you may have to deal with a breach of contract claim. The property owner can hold you liable for any losses they incur due to the subcontractor’s problems, and you, in turn, may need to hold your subcontractor accountable. Seek additional legal guidance as you explore your options.