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Tips for vetting subcontractors

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Construction Disputes

As a general contractor, you take on major construction projects, but you don’t always do all of the work within your own company. For instance, maybe you bring on subcontractors to do painting or plumbing. You use them because it gives you a wide variety of skills and because you can get the job done quicker by increasing your workforce.

That said, you are taking on something of a risk by hiring a subcontractor. You may know that your own work is only done with an impeccable level of quality, but can you say the same for them? You need to know how to vet your subcontractors properly so that you hire people you can trust.

Conduct thorough interviews

Nothing is more important than doing thorough interviews with every subcontractor you consider bringing on. Ask them about the workers that they have on staff, or about their quality control processes. Talk to them about the work they’ve done in the past, both that which has gotten good reviews and that which hasn’t been received as well. Learn as much as you can before you allow them to work on your job.

Get it in writing

Even if you trust them, you need to have the right type of contract in place. You need to know that they’re going to uphold their side of the deal and that you’re protected in the event that something goes wrong or they miss a deadline. Don’t rely on a handshake deal.

If you do end up running into issues with your customers or with the subcontractors themselves, they could develop into legal disputes, and that’s when you need to know about all of your options. You have to protect your finances and your future.