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Construction workers under Labor Law 241 have the right to safety

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Construction Law

You were badly injured while you were working on scaffolding for a construction site. You worked on scaffolding in the past and your work went smoothly, with no incidents or accidents.

When your employer won the bid to work on this construction project, you may have expected your work while on a scaffold would be safe.

You deserve to work on a safe construction site

You and your fellow construction workers put in long, hard days on construction sites. While injuries may happen, they may be minor, taken care of and people tried to pay more attention to their work.

As soon as you saw the scaffolding being set up, you and your fellow workers may have felt concern. None of the scaffolding was equipped with protection for you and your fellow workers. You work hard. You deserve a safe working environment.

What Labor Law 241 says

One section of Labor Law 241 says that, if any type of construction that hoists you, fellow workers and equipment shall be enclosed or fenced in. This enclosure should cover all four sides with a barrier of a particular height.

You may have tried to bring this up to your boss, but your concerns were not acted on. You and one of your co-workers fell down several feet and you both suffered serious injuries.

All types of construction work are included

Labor Law 241 was written to cover all types of construction work. This includes demolition, construction, excavation. Areas being worked on are supposed to be made safe for construction workers, contractors and others involved in the construction, demolition or extraction work.