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A  health and safety program can help avoid construction accidents 

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Labor Law

Even losing workers for a brief period of time can damaging and costly for a company. In addition to lost productivity, avoidable accidents can also be harmful to a company’s reputation, workplace morale, and can result in litigation.

One of the most effective strategies to safeguard your commercial construction company and its workers is to create a health and safety program. This is a proactive strategy that focuses on identifying and correcting workplace hazards before they result in accidents, illness, injuries and lawsuits.

How to start a health and safety program

Whether you’re a newer company that’s never had a health and safety program or an established business that’s just a little behind on health and safety  here are five actions to get things started:

  • Prioritize: When creating a corporate culture, it is important to set health and safety as a priority.
  • Be an example: Working safely and healthily begins at the top. Everyone needs to be involved from owners, managers, office personnel, supervisors, tradesmen and helpers. Lead by example.
  • Develop a reporting system: Information is key when being proactive and this information needs to be communicated. Having a reporting system where workers can anonymously report potential workplace hazards can help.
  • Increase safety training: Training everyone in the company on current safe practices can help to educate all involved about potential dangers.
  • Have inspections: Regular safety audits and inspections can help to make sure that the health and safety program is being followed.

Not all accidents are avoidable. However, having a properly implemented health and safety program can be a proactive way to avoid unnecessary problems and to show workers that the company cares for their wellbeing. 

If a commercial construction company is facing litigation or fines, it can be beneficial to have professional guidance that is experienced in New York construction.