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Quality controls can protect your construction business

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Construction Disputes

Anyone in the construction industry knows that protecting their reputation is imperative because good reputations bring in clients via word-of-mouth. 

One part of protecting your reputation — your company’s quality controls — can also protect your bottom line.

Why is a quality control program important?

When your construction company has a suitable quality control program, the chance of you facing claims of construction defects will be reduced. This can spare your company from having to go through legal battles. Those battles can be costly and time-consuming. 

How can you make quality controls work for you?

While it’s easy to perform quality control on the finished project, this isn’t the best way to handle it. Quality control should occur at every step of the building process. This should include inspecting the materials that are being used and performing periodic spot checks on the workmanship. 

Reviewing the status of the project, including the adherence to the plans, can also help with quality controls. While this might not prevent construction defect claims, it can help you to avoid claims that the finished project was different from what the client wanted. 

Ideally, your company should have a written set of quality control standards, including the procedures that should be used. This gives the individuals within your company the ability to check those standards and procedures and apply them to each job they perform. 

If something happens and you end up facing accusations of subpar work or other construction disputes, be sure to learn your legal options. This might be partly governed by your construction contract. Taking swift action to protect your company must be a priority.