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Do your construction workers have enough safety training?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2021 | Construction Law

Construction consistently remains in the top-ranked most dangerous professions in the United States of America. There are both federal and state laws aimed at protecting construction workers. Rules establish safety equipment requirements and even training for workers at high risk for injury or death on the job.

Strict safety protocols and training requirements can help prevent some kinds of accidents that result from the misuse of equipment or other kinds of human error on the job. While some kinds of training and certain safety equipment are optional, others are mandatory under state or federal law.

As someone who operates a construction company, you are responsible for the safety of everyone whom you employ. Are you confident that your workers currently meet safety training requirements for the construction industry?

New York has increased its training requirements

Construction workers have to perform certain kinds of training in order to legally work in the industry in New York. The state has recently increased the total number of safety training hours required per worker. Workers have to complete specific training requirements every five years.

Starting in 2020, the number of training hours increased for many workers. Anyone working at a site that requires a Site Safety Plan will have to complete at least 40 hours of training. Your company will need to ensure that each worker contributing to major projects has the right training to work at that job site.

The issues with training non-compliance

Obviously, failing to meet safety regulations can result in citations and damage to your business’s reputation. Keeping your workers’ safety training up-to-date is a good financial move because it protects your business in more ways than one.

Not only will it protect you from any kind of citation or fine but it will protect you from liability claims. Workers who don’t receive adequate training might be able to bring legal claims against their employers if they get severely hurt on the job.

Proper training, adequate documentation and solid safety policies all serve to protect your business. If there is any confusion about your company’s legal compliance or how to integrate new rules into your policies, getting help addressing these concerns can safeguard the business.