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Collection firms vs. attorney assistance for New York contractors

On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Construction Disputes

The New York construction industry is thriving, but that does not mean that contractors are without problems plaguing their business endeavors. One of the most troubling and damaging problems contractors face is when their clients will not pay their bills. Non-payment can turn a growing construction business into a failure very quickly.

The obvious choice for collecting payment is utilizing the services of a reputable collection agency. However, many of these agencies charge hefty, percentage-based fees, which can also hurt your construction company. Are there any other options for Islip contractors looking to collect on delinquent accounts?

This may surprise you, but in many cases, using the services of an attorney experienced with debt collection is a better way to collect your payment. To illustrate how this might be the best option for you, we offer several benefits of lawyer assistance for you to consider.

  • A law firm gives clients personal service and options created specifically for your needs
  • A construction law attorney is typically more cost-effective than collection agencies
  • If the need for construction litigation arises, you already have a lawyer committed to protecting your rights and interests
  • Attorneys can offer you several collection options like a mechanic’s lien or utilizing the state’s prompt payment statute

When you provide quality service and workmanship to clients, you deserve fair payment for your efforts. If you are tired of waiting for others to do the right thing, take matters into your own hands to remedy the situation. Even if you choose to try a collection agency first, consulting with a lawyer can offer you guidance going forward.

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