Construction company owners find themselves in the midst of legal action for countless reasons, whether a contract involving business partners unravels or someone who hired them to do a job is unhappy with how things turned out. However, some construction companies are taken to court by workers, including those who currently work for their firm and those who previously held a position with the company. These are especially emotional cases, in many instances, and the repercussions often extend beyond financial penalties and stress. For example, such a case sometimes inspires other workers to take legal action and shatters a company’s reputation. 

First of all, if a worker files suit against your construction company, it is imperative to do what you can to protect your firm. Have a clear understanding of your rights and the details of the incidents. That said, in many instances, it is possible for construction company owners to discuss these issues with the worker(s) and resolve the situation outside of the courtroom. In many cases, this is ideal, not only because it saves time and money but minimizes the amount of negative attention and other hurdles related to litigation. 

Our law firm knows that these cases are complex, whether they involve allegations of discrimination, wage violations or any other matter related to employment law or a construction worker’s position. Make sure you are prepared to handle the case properly and consider alternative options that help many construction company owners in this tough position. Our website covers other topics on this issue, such as the perks of mediation.