Mediation is one of the alternative dispute resolution options you can use when you have a legal issue with a client. Many times, you may have a contract dispute or some other issue that you need to iron out, but you wish to stay out of a New York courtroom. This is when mediation comes in handy. You and the client can meet and work things out through talking and negotiating. It can be an easier, quicker and less expensive way to settle a problem.

However, mediation is not magic. Even when working through your issue, you may come to a point where you and the other party both want to stand your ground. This impasse will hold things up, so you have to work through it. The mediator in your case can help in a few different ways to get you through this holdup.

Getting back on track is possible

Harvard Law School explains the mediator can come up with various options to help you move past whatever is causing the standoff and get back on track to a resolution. This might include acting as a middleman to get the conversation going again. He or she may get you both to open more and express things in a more productive way. The mediator may also offer advice or expertise that could give you what you need to move forward.

The mediator is a neutral party who wants to see a resolution that you and the other party feel is fair. He or she will work in whatever way necessary to help keep the conversation going and to reach that resolution. This information is for education and is not legal advice.